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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Welcome to Miami

The men in Miami aren't afraid to wear color. This fellow was walking around talking on his cell phone when I asked if I could take his photo. He put his call aside for a moment to pose for a quick picture, shook my hand, and then went on his way.


Susan said...

Merry Christmas to the curiously mature men of Miami and the world over.. x

Brownie said...

That gentleman looks so well-put-together! I'd bet he smells terrific too!

Men (Ari excluded of course) could use some tips about dressing and using color (including pastels which look very nice on most men).

~ Susan

DEA said...

HAhaha! If everybody oin Miami are lie he....l I wanna go there too. :D

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Hey Ari, I hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays.

Oh, to be in Miami where the elderly can wear colorful clothing and fit right in!

L'heetra'ote chaver

- David

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snappy said...

Real men wear pink. Miami is one of my favorite cities to holiday. Definitely full of color, where the old and the new mix perfectly well. Very snappy.
snappy x

Trés Awesome said...

I LOVE MIAMI. So many stylish elders. My Grandmother Bertha used to live in North Miami Beach with all the other little old Jewish Ladies. I miss her and her amazing style.


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