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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vintage Print

This lady looks chic in her vintage dress and over sized aviators. She told me that she often wears vintage but likes to mix in designer items as well.


anyelle camilotto said...

u know, i just REALLY love your blog. im brazilian and im studying old people to a project and your blog just inspired me so so so so much!

well, all i have left to say is: congratulations for such an amazing idea!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, elegant, confident look! Thanks for sharing!

Mordechai said...

She and her husband are one of New Yorks most stylish couples! Ive known them for over 10 years and they never let you down, they could be walking to Gourmet Garage and theyre killing it!
Thanks Ari !!

barbra said...

I love the combo of a beautiful feminine dress with that great fat belt.
Unfortunately there are no vintage boutiques around here.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's a stunning dress...So chic

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am 61 years old and am reading your site from Sydney Australia. It is inspiring to see these older women dressing in such a stylish way. It seems to me that people my age in Sydney could learn a lot from your New Yorkers! Perhaps we have such a strong youth culture here in Sydney that we oldies tend to dress as if we are still young. And this is not good !! One thing your ladies have in common though is truckloads of money.
I wonder if you can find stylish people who only have a realistic budget! Thank you for your site. I love it.


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