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Monday, February 9, 2009

Princeton '63

[Photo by MISTER MORT]
This guy looks professorial in his tweed coat and blazer. When I commented on his outfit he replied "Princeton 63".


Meaghan Kelly said...

i gave you guys an award....your blog is just too good!

Fabulástico said...

Hi. Just found out about your blog. Made a post on mine about it. Loved all that senior stylish people. Is not just because one goes older that one should lose the sense of fashion.

Keep fabulous darling.

Charles Henry said...

awesome collection of fine and dandy gentlemen. keep 'em coming!

Victoire said...

I would wear that (were it in my size)!

Jane said...

he's great!I love his pipe

Liz @ OddKitchen said...

This blog is my new favorite thing ever. Very inspiring... keep 'em coming! Princeton '63!


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